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About Us


When The North Wind Blows was created out of a love of whimsical travel and the collection of unique and handmade treasures from near and far.

It is said that when the north wind does blow, it signals ones spirit to move on to the next adventure, to seek out new experiences and travel to new lands.

We continue our nomadic existence in search of beautiful treasures from around the world to bring to you via our online store.

We travel far and wide to bring you ethically made leather ware, home ware and handmade textiles.  Our products are made by Artisans who are Masters of their trade.  They are based in small communities and often single family members own these businesses, providing employment and skills to members of their community.

We invite you to travel with us via our photo blog and enjoy the visual journey of our suppliers country by country.

We hope you enjoy our ever-changing collection. Be sure to purchase when you find something you love, as we may not pass through that Village again to collect more of the same.

As all of our goods are hand made there will always by variances in colour, pattern and detail.  Our products are not over manufacturered and can be considered quite raw.  Our Artisans often live and work in remote Hill Tribe Communities where their work depends on what resources are available to them.  Please consider this when purchasing from our online store. 

When The North Wind Blows…Where will your spirit take you?


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