Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Do the Sleeping Bags zip together?

A: Yes, two sleeping bags can be zipped together to form a queen size sleeping bag.

2.     What temperature are the sleeping bags suited to?

A: We have chosen a 300gsm hollow cotton infill for our sleeping bags as it is suitable to -5°.  

3.     Why are your sleeping bags not 100% cotton?

A: We are mindful that the temperature in Australia has such huge variations.  A sleeping bag made from 100% cotton would not offer the warmth that is required.  

4.     Do you use leather on your products?

A: No, we use vegan leather for our Duffle Bag handles.

5.     Do you offer down sleeping bags?

A: No, we have a concern for animal welfare in regard to this.

6.     Are you an Australian Business?

A: Absolutely!  Our bags are designed locally at Avoca Beach on the NSW Central Coast, the textile is also designed locally and we support local businesses for our freight, web development, packaging, photography, marketing and shipping.

7.     Why do you have your products made offshore?

A: We have approached Australian manufacturers of Sleeping Bags, of which there are very few.  Their responses are varied with some not taking on new designs and others will only produce products that they have designed in-house.  After searching further afield we have chosen a manufacturer off shore due to their experience in the outdoor leisure and camping field and their commitment to excellent products and exceptional service since 1968. Primarily, our chosen partner is working on sustainable energy sources within their operations and is currently working with customers in Europe on recycled Pet fibres for their sleeping bags.  This is a process we are look at for future orders.

8.     How is it best to wash my sleeping bag?

A: We suggest a gentle hand wash cycle and then hang in the shade to dry.  To keep the cotton infill fluffed up a quick 5 minutes in the tumble dryer on low setting is ok.

9.     How will I know if my donation has been made to feed an Orphaned Koala Joey?

A: You will receive a confirmation email within the month of purchasing your sleeping bag.  This will be sent directly from B1G1, so please check your “junk folder.” 

10. Do your sleeping bags make a noise when you move?

A: No more than a standard quilt

11. Why do you have a separate shipping charge?

A: We use Aramex for all of our Australia wide shipping.  We are charged for fulfilment and freight by Aramex.  We do not profit from customers with our shipping charges.  In fact, we cover the excess in shipping charges on behalf of our customers.  Our sleeping bags are considered a bulky item.