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Introducing "Learning to Hunt" by Leah Cummins of Bunya Designs! This captivating textile tells the powerful Aboriginal story of the journey from boyhood to manhood. Each brushstroke intricately weaves the tale of young boys, protected by their environment and guided by their elders during this transformative rite of passage. Discover the beauty and cultural significance of this print, now available in our collection!

Inspired by "Cool Campers" everywhere who want their camp wear to reflect the beauty of the great outdoors.  Dedicated to the beautiful locations we've travelled to and the campers we've met along the way!  Our sleeping bags are beautifully soft and oversized, allowing you to convert them into a queen-size quilt. 

When designing our sleeping bags, the When The North Wind Blows team took into consideration many factors. Ie; Sustainability, warmth, durability, weight, functionality, size, comfort and of course, style.  Due to a combination of these essentials, we have chosen a poly microfibre outer and a Down alternative inner.  Please read our care instructions that will help you enjoy many years of travelling with your sleeping bag.

Each bag is presented with a compression sack and a canvas duffle bag which can be used as a day pack once you've set up camp.  

Please ensure you review our Returns Policy prior to purchase.


* 350 GSM Poly Microfibre Down Alternative - creates fluffiness and loft while avoiding animal cruelty.

* Good to -5°C

* Vegan Leather features

* Poly Canvas Duffle Bag

* Microfibre Compression Sack


Sleeping Bag Width when open: 180cm (90cm when zipped)

Sleeping Bag Length: 190cm


Duffle Bag Width: 28cm

Duffle Bag Height: 53cm when closed


Total Weight: 2.5kg 

Please note: Different batches of stock can yield various results in colour.

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